Students in Crisis

Students in Crisis: A counselor is on call and available 24/7 for emergency counseling situations when Truman classes are in session. Immediate emergency intervention is needed if you feel out of control, violent, or that you may, without intervention, seriously harm or kill yourself. Additionally, the UCS crisis line may be called if you fear that another person’s life is in danger from self-harm or harm from another. To contact the UCS counselor on call, please phone 660-665-5621 where you will reach Central Dispatch. The dispatcher will take your name and number and a synopsis of what the problem is. The UCS counselor will be contacted immediately and your call with be returned by the counselor.  If there is urgent threat of harm, or medical emergency, contact 911 immediately or you go to Northeast Regional Medical Center emergency room (660-785-1000, 215 S. Osteopathy Street).

Other resources that may be utilized for psychological emergencies include: