Request to Change Counselors


UCS understands that the relationship between a client and counselor is important. Sometimes a client does not “click” with the personality or approach of a counselor and may wish to work with someone else. We encourage students to discuss their concerns with their current counselor to see if adjustments can be made to facilitate positive progress.

If the problems in the relationship persist after a discussion with the counselor or if a student is uncomfortable discussing their concerns regarding their counseling experience with their counselor, they may complete the online Request to Change Counselor form available at here.  The secretary will schedule an appointment with a different counselor.

The student may also request to schedule a meeting with Brenda Higgins, Director of the Student Health Center and University Counseling Services, to request another counselor within the department or receive a referral to another provider outside the university. Any costs incurred by the student seeking these services outside of the university are not covered by the university.