Eligibility & Cost


Students enrolled and currently attending courses during the fall or spring semesters or during the eight week or five week summer sessions are eligible for personal counseling and crisis intervention services through University Counseling Services (UCS) while classes are in session, provided their needs can be adequately met by the professionals at University Counseling Services.  Referral services are available for those individuals whose concerns are not suitable for the short-term counseling modalities provided.

On occasion, and at the professional discretion of the UCS staff, students who are registered for the upcoming semester, but not enrolled during a break period (such as May or August interim) may continue counseling at University Counseling Services provided the UCS staffing is adequate and other arrangements for continuing counseling services or discharge from care are not feasible for the client. Students arriving early for fall semester may be screened by UCS personnel and services provided in crisis situations. Routine counseling services will not begin until school starts.

As a safety measure, counseling services will generally be scheduled when two members of the UCS staff are in the building. One of the staff members may be an administrative support person. Exceptions may occur at the discretion of the professional counselor.

Individual therapy fees are $10/session and group fees are $10 per student per semester. Hardship fee waivers are available.