Complaint/Grievance Policy


Student complaints are handled largely through the existing chain of command. Given the existing laws regarding confidentiality and mental health services, a therapist/health service provider is restricted in terms of what he or she can disclose. If a student has a complaint about an employee of UCS, he or she is directed to speak to the Director, Dr. Brenda Higgins (660-785-4011 for appointment). The complaint should initially be lodged informally by speaking with the Director. However, the complaint can be lodged more formally in writing to the Director within five (5) working days of the incident. The written complaint or grievance should include a description of the incident, date, time, and persons involved in the complaint.

After receiving the grievance, the Director shall then respond, in person or in writing, within five (5) working days of the date that the grievance was signed and filed. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion or response, he or she is directed to the next higher level of administration, the Vice President for Student Affairs. In each case, careful consideration is given to the emotional stress the student may already be in as well as any complications arising from a possible mental or physical illness. The Director reserves the right to consult with the General Counsel of the University around issues or complaints that may have legal implications. Documentation of a student complaint would become part of the confidential record.

Any complaints will be used in the supervision of the employee involved to improve the person’s skills and function. Each week the clinical staff at UCS meets in a case conference to discuss challenging cases to ensure quality of service to the student.